You can file our cotton cashmere wrap into “things you never knew you needed - but won’t be able to live without!”.


Often referred to as a shawl or blanket scarf, these extremely versatile garments exude style and offer a perfect substitute solution for a jacket or sweater on cooler spring/summer days - though not to be forgotten during the winter months they are perfect for layering, and the orchid shade adds a pop of colour to your winter wardrobe!

Here are some of our favourite ways to wear our ladies cotton cashmere wrap.


While packing a wrap into your travel bag might not actually change your life, it will absolutely enhance the way you travel.

Not only adding style to your outfit, wraps are fantastic multitaskers. They can be used as blankets on cold planes and even a neck pillow when rolled up (carefully!!).

cotton cashmere wrap in travel bag

Of course you don’t need to be travelling the earth to benefit from the many roles of our wrap, pop it in your handbag and take it on the go - you never know when you might need an extra layer!

Image credit: @suffolksisters



We all know how good a great pair of jeans can make us look and feel our best and denim can help pull a look together, especially when you combine it with something more refined on top.

 cotton cashmere wrap with denim jeans

You can create a stylish and elegant look on a cool spring (or even a milder winter) day by popping on your favourite pair of jeans, a women's country jumper and finishing with the wrap. The idea behind this outfit is to create a balanced look which allows the more voluminous fabric on top to be the star piece.

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How to wear a Cotton Cashmere wrap with a Dress

If dresses are more your thing and you’re questioning whether you can wear a wrap with your dress, the answer is: ABSOLUTELY!

There’s no need to limit yourself or your style where our most versatile garment in concerned. Adding one over your dress is a fantastic way to layer up when you don’t want to wear a jacket but it’s one of our (many) cooler spring/summer British days.

 cotton cashmere pink wrap with dress in summer

To make it work, you should consider the silhouette of your dress and wear it in unison. On the colder days you could pair it with a long-sleeved dress!

One of our influencers Annabel has chosen a beautiful, bright, floral print dress to wear with the wrap - proving that the possibilities are endless and there’s no need to fear prints or other bright colours. You can create a show stopping outfit this summer.

Image credit: @annabel_lw


Those stay at home days…

Of course this luxurious wrap isn’t just for wearing out and about. It actually makes a great addition to your loungewear collection. Pair with relaxed joggers and a t-shirt to keep you warm and comfortable all day.

An outfit you could in fact, take from home to town for those unexpected errands! With endless ways to wear this effortless garment it’ll soon become an integral part of your wardrobe!

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